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The American Revolution A Modern And Democratic Revolution

Module 5 Written Assignment 1. The American Revolution was a modern and democratic revolution headed by the upper middle class and had three key phases, a moderate beginning, radical middle, and a conservative end. The American Revolution was precipitated by the irritation of the wealthy due to tax acts imposed by Britain on the colonies. The rich did not like the taxes because of the negative effect the tax acts had on personal financial interests, but the Colonial masses were convinced by men like John Dickinson and Patrick Henry; Dickinson wrote extensively on how the British collection of taxes on the Colonies was illegal and Henry believed taxation shouldn’t be allowed unless the Colonies were properly represented. The writings of John Locke were also influential in creating interest for breaking away from Great Britain. Eventually measures like the 1773 Tea Act, which gave the East India Company a monopoly on tea sales, and the closing of the Caribbean trade made rebellion inevitable. The radical phase of the revolution was underway and led by men like Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine; all were ideologues who wanted independence and the creation a republic that stressed equality. However, the ideals of equality that dominated the radical phase of the revolution from 1776-1783 would not last. The patriotic elite benefitted from the revolution in a few different ways. Independence from Great Britain lifted the constraints of taxes, but the elite alsoShow MoreRelatedEssay on Revolution as a Product of the Enlightenment Period1070 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is a revolution? Revolution is defined, is the overthrow of one government with replacement of another. We are all familiar with the phrase â€Å"history repeats itself† over and over each in very different situations. The same can be said about the American and French Revolutions however these two revolutions end in very different situations. Both the American Revolution, (1775 -1783) and the French Revolution (1789 -1799) were the products of Enlightenment ideals that struck a large populationRead MoreThe Bloodless Revolution Of 18001666 Words   |  7 Pages The Bloodless Revolution of 1800 was a very important event that shaped our nation into what it is today. The Revolution changed America s histor y in major ways. The twelfth amendment was created and the party divisions that we see today in our modern government are results of the conflict. The revolution was also a test: could the young nation of America shift power peacefully, as the founding father s had intended? Or would everything collapse after only one president leading the countryRead MoreAge of Revolutions Essay1523 Words   |  7 Pages) What do you think was the most important outcome of the Age of Revolutions? There have been several vital products of the Age of Revolutions but most importantly was the introduction of post-colonial attitudes with the need of self-governess away from empires overseas. This was achieved through the democracy and constitutions which still are the most important legacy existing in the modern world. It this outcome that societies were able to create influential pieces of works and change how societiesRead MoreImpact Of The American Revolution On The United States Of America1262 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States revolution is one of the most important revolutions to occur in history because it can be seen as the most significant revolution to transpire in modern time. This can be shown through the role that the revolution had in creating the country that we know today. Why was it that the American Revolution occurs, was it for independence or was it based on something else? In the American Revolution there were many leaders who aided in creating the Unite d States, who were they and whatRead MoreHoward Zinn s Views On American Revolution950 Words   |  4 PagesThese two historians viewed the nature of American Revolution from two opposite different perspectives. Zinn viewed the American Revolution as an effort to preserve America’s status; while Wood looked at Revolution as an event that incorporated sense of equality among all Americans. Zinn was able to present the argument better as evidences he provided to support his argument seemed to make more sense and were closer to reality. Howard argued American Revolution as an effort of members of colonial elitesRead MoreExploring the American Revolution1128 Words   |  5 Pagesthirteen British colonies on the American soil was an extremely important historical event because United Kingdom eventually recovered from the loss of its possessions, while the United States of America emerged on the other side of the Atlantic. The American Revolution has some features that distinguish it from both the preceding English bourgeois revolution and the Great French Revolution. Thus, the main aim of the assignment is to explore the American Revolution with all the necessary detailsRead MoreThe Meaning Of Revolution By Hannah Arendt Summary1046 Words   |  5 PagesHannah Arendt’s chapter titled â€Å"The Meaning of Revolution† is used as a means to describe the origins and basis of modern revolution and how the social question impacted its meaning into modern times. She first addresses existing revolutions as ones that attempt to overthrow a tyrannical power such as a king or a Machiavellian prince who refuses to distribute wealth amongst his people. Thus, she finds that people in pre-modern times revolted against authority because of their lack of wealth. It isRead MoreThe French Revolution Explain the Significance of the Person, Event or Concept in Modern History Within the Time Period 1780-1914.1421 Words   |  6 Pagesin his text, In Search for Humanity, that, â€Å"The consequences of the Revolution were so momentous for Europe at the time, and for the whole world subsequently, that it has cast a shadow over the whole of modern history.† The French Revolution brought about significant changes in society and government of France. The revolution, which lasted from 1789 to 1799, also had extending effects on the rest of Europe. It introduced democratic ideals to France but did not make the nation a democracy. However,Read MoreSignificance And Influence Of The French Revolution929 Words   |  4 PagesFrench Revolution Among the crucial revolutions and movements of Europe and the world, The French Revolution is the most significant. Although the American Revolution happened 10 years earlier, the political and social changes in France between the years of 1789 and the close of the 18th century revolutionized not just France but the entire world in the decades and centuries to come. This was noticeable in the sister republics that followed France’s example soon after the Revolution. TheRead MoreThe Revolution Of The Modern World1441 Words   |  6 PagesRevolution has played a critical role in the establishment of the modern world. As a means to an end, it is a methodical approach for creating change in the leadership, culture, and organizational structures within a society. Most interpretations of revolutions consist of the aggressive overthrow of a government or societal conditions in an attempt to bring forth change. Although the term ‘revolution’ is often under stood to include a violent disruption of the status quo, it can also include non-violent

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